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Skin resurfacing for acne scars treatment in Lahore is performed by Paris trained and qualified Doctor Ahmad ChaudhryLaser is used for different cosmetic surgical procedure these days. It can also help in reducing acne scars due to acne vulgaris. Scars can be result of  some disease, wound or burn,trauma or accident and surgical scars. There are different types of laser skin resurfacing methods at our laser skin clinic in Lahore which help the patients in getting a clear and smooth skin. Acne scars can have negative impact on personality of a man and woman by decreasing their self confidence. Various treatments are there and each of these claims to be the most effective treatment to get rid of marks and blemishes. Those who want to get a clear face can go for laser skin resurfacing in Lahore which can have a visible affect on their skin after a few sessions. It is a technique which uses laser beam of light to enhance the appearance of the skin and also remove the minor flaws such as marks. In the procedure, brief pulses of high energy light are absorbed by chromophores which are located in the skin. Before the start of actual procedure, the affected areas of the skin are washed properly and marked by  a pen. Local anesthesia cream is given to the patient so that it can numb his or her skin. Eye protection is also given to patients to save their eye from harmful affects of laser. Affected area is exposed to laser with help of pulses and each pulse last for milliseconds. After this, the skin is washed through saline water solution. Some patients can feel a burning or snapping sensation after their treatment. In the end the treated area is covered with the help of an ointment.

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There are two types of laser skin resurfacing treatment in Lahore  and each of them is used according to need to patients and severity of the problem. One is known as CO2 laser resurfacing in which short pulsed light is used to remove the layers of the skin. In this method, skin is exposed to minimal heat damage. Recovery time of the patient is not more than few days. It is mostly used for the patients who do not have fine or pitted scars. The other method is recognized as erbium laser resurfacing and in this method surface level skin is removed with the help of laser light. One benefit associated with this method is that it doesn’t burn the surrounding tissues. It can also give temporary side-effects like swelling, redness and pain for some time. Recovery time of this treatment is not more than 1-3 days. It is ideal for those who got dark complexion and have deeps scars on their face. In both of these methods, patients are advised to follow some important precautions so that they can get a good result after their treatment. They are required not to expose their treated area of the skin to Sun after the six weeks of their first sessions. If they have to go in sun, then they must use a sunscreen of SPF 30. Some patients may get cold sore or blisters, but these can be treated by using certain antibiotics recommended by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry .

For boxcar acne scars, it is recommended to go for  fractional laser. Ice pick scars can be treated with the help of erbium lasers. The laser works by destroying the skin over acne scars to enhance wound healing so that patients can get smooth skin. Type and texture of the marks also affects the method of treatment. These treatments are usually performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at Laser & Skin clinic in Lahore. It is advised to the patients that they should go for an experienced doctor like Dr.Ahmad  in Lahore Pakistan, if they want to get high quality results. Treatments of Laser skin Resurfacing for Acne Scars are also available in Lahore Pakistan on low and reasonable prices. Such patients who want to get a low priced but excellent quality result can visit our Laser Skin clinic in Lahore.

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Get your 1st session from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and see before and after improvement with your photos after a single session.For appointment call us +92-333-430-9999 or fill up below Form.

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  1. umar /

    call me

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Umar, how can we help you ?

  2. usman ghani /

    Any doctor available in peshawar or in islamabad .please suggest me the best one

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello usman ghani, Please search on internet to find doctor in Peshawar or Islamabad.

  3. sohai /

    i hv scars on my whole body so how can i hv treatment on overall body

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello sohai , there are different types of scars. It is important to know nature of scars. However we can treat and improve your scars with laser skin resurfacing technology. It may need 4-6 sessions at 3 weeks interval.

  4. sana /

    hi plz any Dr available in mirpur Islamabad

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello sana , There are many good skin specialist in Mirpur and Islamabad. You can search from internet.

  5. Fahad /

    How much cost for this laser surfacing treatment ?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Fahad , Laser skin resurfacing for one session will cost you 4000 to 8000 Rupee at our clinic in Lahore.

  6. m.haseeb /

    What’s cost of single session

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello m.haseeb , single session for laser skin resurfascing will cost you 6000-8000 Rupee depending upon area of involvement.

  7. Akhtar /

    I have some dich in my face plz suggests some remedies or medicine

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Akhtar, what sort of problem you have on your face? As we understood from your above message, you seem have pitted acne scars or holes on your face after pimples? Please let us know clearly so that we can help you.

  8. Hassan /

    Hey….i have pimples on my face and i want laser treatment will u give ur number to contact u

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Hassan , you can contact 0333-430-9999 for an appointment for pimple treatment.

  9. umar /

    Hello. Sir i have acne and scars problem on my face. Please let me know that how much time it takes to get the good results. I have been using diffrent types of cosmetics and tablets recommended by the dermatologists but there is no prominent effect.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello umar , Pitted acne scars or holes in the cheeks after pimples is a major cosmetic problem in young age.We can treat acne scars through pixel laser technology. It needs 5 to 6 sessions after 3 weeks and total 4 months required. There will be 60-80% improvement after all six treatment sessions. If you have holes/pitted scars then no cosmetic or cream can improve it.

  10. umar /

    Laser treatment se scars khatam hotay hain ya phir acne ka problem b solve ho jata ha? Mere acne 6 saalon se ni khatam hua. Mukhtalif cheezain use karne k bawajood. Plz thora brief kar dain. Thank you

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello umar , Laser sik resurfacing is a best treatment for pitted acne scars. Pimples can be treated with medicines, chemical peeling and microdermabrasion.

      1. umar /

        Hello sir. I have active acne and i am using diffrent types of medicines. But i have never got any results. My acne starts again when i stop using medicine. I am tiered of searching and getting the treatments. Please tell me that can you remove my acne problem with the laser.

  11. Rana Arslan /

    Hi what is consultant fee with doctor
    I want to traet my face

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Rana Arslan , There is no consultation fee or check up fee. However you need to take an appointment by calling 0333-430-9999

  12. Bilal /

    Hi sir mary chary pe acne holes or black moles hai plz in ko khtam krny pe ktne cost aae ge.

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Bilal , Acne holes treatment cost will be 25000 Rs and we charge 2000 per mole removal.

  13. abid pechuho /

    asslam o alekum acne scar on my face so madicine form or laser treatment is best which is best kindly suggest me and if laser thwn how much per session costs

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello abid pechuho , Laser is best treatment for pitted acne scars, red spots as well as brown spots. Laser may require 3-6 sessions at 3-4 weeks interval. One session will cost you 4000-6000 rupee for face depending upon area involved.

  14. Zain /

    Sir I have Acne and Scars(not pitted) On my nose…Please Sir Suggest me Any Cream to get rid of These scars.i will b thankful…Please Sir

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Zain , Apply Dalacin- T Lotion for acne and scars will be improved by laser treatment.

  15. Uzair /

    I have some issue on my skin little bit porne acne pimple I want clean skin how many charges for that and is it consulting fee also or its free tell me?

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello Uzair , There is no Check up fee however you need to take an appointment by calling 0333-430-9999

  16. ashiq ali /

    Sir mere chehre per acne ki waja se scars per gae hain. Me inhe khatam karvana chahta hun mere chahre per scars sirf aankho ki neche wali jild per hain. Kia aap price bta sakte hain

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello ashiq ali , you can send your close up photos of scars through Whats app so that we can give you price estimate as well as complete detail.
      Whats App Number = 0333-430-9999

  17. Farukh /

    Sir I hv much redness on my face with scars..
    How can I get rid of both of them

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello, Red spots of acne can be treated with various types of creams/lotions and chemical peelings. If nothing work then pixel laser is last remedy for such kind spots.

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