Botox Treatment

Botox injection treatment in Lahore-Pakistan for wrinkles of eyes and forehead by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.The first sign of aging is fine lines and that is why people worry about their look and turn to treatments. These wrinkles, if not treated properly get deeper and more prominent. The easiest method of removal is the botox filler injection for wrinkles.

As we grow older our skin loses its suppleness and becomes dry and parched. This causes lines to appear at areas where the skin is stretched. These lines become deeper and more prominent if proper care is not taken. People usually turn towards cosmetic treatments to get rid of these lines and look younger again. The easiest method of this is the botox injection, which fills up the skin where it is injected and hence all lines are smoothened out. The skin is made up of layers and if a wrinkle is visible, it means that the upper layer of the skin has a line or crease on it due to dryness and roughness of the skin, which comes with age. The botox is a neutral gel like substance that is injected into the lower layer of the skin and as that fills up, the upper layer stretches and hence the line disappears. There are no side effects of this method except that the person might need another injection within a short period since it gets dissolved. The use of botox is for many reasons, primarily for wrinkles. There are many topical creams and lotions which claim to be age defying and hence stop wrinkles from forming. However, as with many treatments, there is a time for these small remedies to show their affect and once they have grown a simple cream cannot make a difference. While opting for any clinical treatment, the patients usually become very apprehensive about long term side effects and results. This is why we always suggest choosing a practitioner after much research of reputation. The botox injections cause very minor side effects which can easily subside within a few days. These include headaches, bruising and pain at the injected site. Apart from these minor factors, there is no serious side effect which might stop a person from getting this treatment. The person who applies for this treatment must try to keep a natural look in mind and communicate it with the practitioner. There are some patients who ask their doctors to inject more botox so that the skin looks turgid. This might make the face look expressionless since it is our simple lines and muscle movement on the face that make our faces look expressive. The patient must always turn to medical doctors for these treatments rather than salons and spas. While salons offer these services, it is always safer and wiser to consult a person who is medically certified to perform this treatment. In case a good doctor is chosen, he is capable of eliminating any chances of side effects which can create further ease for the patient. The use of botox was initially only used on the forehead but since the frown lines are significantly reduced after this, the injections have become a common cure for fine lines all over the face. Botox is also used to treat neck spasms since it blocks the nerve and therefore any kind of pinching pain in the neck dissolves within no time. This is a reason that women who are expecting a baby or are breastfeeding must consult their doctor before any kind of botox treatment.

Botox for eye wrinkles is a successful treatment that causes the fine lines to disappear. This method is absolutely safe since it has no serious side effect.

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