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Best skin Specialist in Lahore-At times we are suffering from a serious skin disease like acne or excess hair on skin. Females are usually conscious about their facial hair. Lahore hospitals have best skin specialists in Pakistan.Acne and excess facial hair are one of the biggest skin problems these days. Facial hair on upper lips, lower lips and cheeks seem odd with a female. Also some females have hair on side of cheeks too. They wish to have a permanent solution to their facial hair. Visiting clinic of Doctor Ahmad Chaudhry at Lahore is recommended. At times your skin needs a mild treatment and at times some costly treatment is needed for your skin. Depending upon the kind of your skin and type, and also the density of your facial hair, you can go for a skin treatment. Laser sessions for lighter areas like upper lips and lower lips may take even a minute. Laser treatment on areas with heavy hair may take some more time.

Also before and after a cosmetic skin treatment, you have to give up other skin treatments like bleaching, threading and waxing, so that your doctor knows the density of your facial hair. If you facial hair has a light density, the number of laser sessions needed may be less. If hair density is high, then some more laser sessions may be needed. It is recommended to visit a skin doctor even after laser treatment too. At times, after laser treatment, your skin reacts to sun rays and heat. It may also react to some kind of massage creams and beauty products that you use. Your doctor may also ask you to stop using other hair removing techniques like waxing, sugaring and bleaching after a laser treatment. Shaving facial hair with a blade makes hair grow faster. At times females use a blade on their face, which is not recommended at all. Laser treatment is less painful as compared to electrolysis but great care must be taken after a laser session.

Also the kind of food you eat and the kind of fluids you drink leaves an impact on your skin. A healthy glowing skin also reflects the kind of life style you have adopted. Dry, rough and course skin doesn’t look good when makeup is applied on it. A healthy and beautiful skin is the dream of every man and woman. These days, even men are conscious about their skin. Some men face problem of baldness in their beard and moustaches areas. This problem can also be fixed with hair transplantation. Having less hair or hair fall in the beard and moustaches area is also a problem for males these days. People are conscious about their skin and issues linked with it. Skin and hair need great care and treatment. Laser therapies and permanent skin therapies are recommended when old and traditional therapies don’t seem to work. Visiting a good skin doctor to know more about your skin and hair is recommended.

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  1. merry khan /

    I have acne problm last five years i m worry about my self i have a dirty skin lips area is black

    1. admin / Post Author

      Hello merry khan , Acne can give black heads, whiteheads, oily skin, black/brown spots as well as deep holes. Pigmentation is another issue after acne. However we can treat your skin problems if you can send us your close up picture with good camera and after examining we can help you in a better way.

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