Jul 29

Best Dermatologist to treat pigmentation in Lahore

Best Dermatologist to treat pigmentation in Lahore-Pigmentation is the disorder or illness of the skin. It affects the colour of the skin. This is because the skin has been exposed to the sun and has been spoiled. In it, black, grey, and brown colour patches appear on the skin. Now a days, pigmentation has become a very major problem. It  is very common in pregnant women. It is very necessary to consult a dermatologist or skin specialist for such problems.

A Dermatologist is a doctor who deals with the skin problems. He studies the skin, its structure, and functions and then give suitable treatments. A dermatologist can suggest the best treatment according to patient’s problem. Treatment given to a patient is also based upon his/her skin type. Some dermatologists give chemical treatments to treat pigmentation. This is a widely used treatment and is also known as Chemosurgery. Another treatment is through laser. These are used to remove the patches on the skin permanently. Some doctors recommend creams for these problems.

If we talk about the famous and best Laser Dermatologist in Lahore, doctor Ahmad Chaudhry is the expert skin specialist in Lahore. He runs a skin clinic which is equipped with the latest equipments of lasers which no doctor has in the whole country. Any patient, who has the problem or illness of pigmentation, prefer doctor Ahmad for the treatment. Actually patients trust him because he is a caring person and has done many treatments successfully. Doctors mostly treats patients with creams. While Dr. Ahmad believes in laser treatment for such cases. He is the only doctor in Pakistan who perform laser treatments. He has his skin clinic at, Gulberg III, Lahore and also work in National Hospital Defence.