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Laser hair removal in Lahore was introduced by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry 8 years earlier and up till now 15,000 permanent hair removal procedures have been completed successfully by Dr.Ahmad, who is a Board Certified laser cosmetic surgeon from Paris France.Cosmetic Laser surgery is growing rapidly and there are lots of innovations coming in the fore front. Laser surgery is one branch of cosmetology which is getting highly famous and capturing the interest of all nations, cultures.  There are two kinds of lasers that are used for treating various skin problems, one is invasive and the other is non-invasive. Non-invasive laser treatments are considered the best and they are getting acclamation all around the world. Lasers are used in all medical fields and skin is one of them. There are different skin problems that are successfully dealt and treated with lasers. The major concern of the people is that  the laser treatments have any side effects? Many people are ignorant and not educated enough on the matter of lasers and there are many apprehensions related to the treatment. When you are all set to go under the treatment,it is very important to discuss all the aspects of the treatment with your doctor. It is patient’s right to ask many questions as one needs to know.

 Laser Skin Surgery Procedure in Lahore

In laser therapies, the most commonly performed is hair removal procedure. It is getting very famous with high successful rates. Women are usually the candidates for this treatment. They have to undergo many procedures to get rid of unwanted hair which are temporary and they have to undergo them again and again rather all life. Those processes include waxing, threading or hair removing creams. These are not only painful rather the creams can cause pigmentation and leaves bad marks. Sensitive skins are prone to acne after waxing or threading. Now a day men are also taking interest in hair removal of the body. Laser hair removal is the safest treatment and side effect free.  It is a painless procedure and only a little pricking is felt which is easily bearable. In this procedure a laser beam is entered into the skin and it make the hair roots weak. There are 6-8 sessions  required and the hair roots are weaken every time and the final result is permanent hair removal. This is an easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair for all life.Laser hair removal permanently remove hair
permanent hair removing clinic Lahore
There are few things one has to keep in mind before going for the treatment. A client needs to make sure that the laser is being used on you is FDA approved. It is an international department of passing or certifying the drugs and other medical therapies that they are safe for human beings and there is no harm or side effects in using them. Second most important thing is to know that the doctor who is performing the procedure has to be properly qualified laser surgeon because an ordinary doctor cannot understand the complexities of the laser and cannot provide satisfactory results. It can also bring side effects of the treatment which are very difficult to handle later. Laser treatments are expensive and one should not compromise on the quality of laser that is used because cheap laser treatments can harm your skin badly like burning of skin, pigmentation and less results are most common concern of Chinese and Korean Lasers in Pakistan. Our hospital has FDA approved Alma Laser and provide wide range of cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal in Lahore Pakistan.
Laser hair removal specialist Lahore

 Laser hair removal cost in LahoreSummer Discounts and save 50% – Book your appointment Now -Prices are in Pak Rupee per session basis.

Face                 4000 /session

Chin                2500/session

Chin + Neck = 3000/session

Upper cheeks = 2500/session

Neck               = 2500/session

Lip               =1500 per session

To know laser hair removal cost at our clinic in Lahore for any other body parts call us or Fill appointment Form.

Hair removing Lahore
Hair removal permanent in Lahore
Laser hair removal Lahore clinic
permanent hair removing clinic Lahore

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